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What We Are

A Montessori school

The Montessori philosophy is The Grove’s driving force and informs all decisions we make about how to best educate our students


What works for one child might not for another, so we focus on each child individually.

College preparatory

Students prepare for college at every educational stage, from developing planning and organizational skills in their earliest years to completing dual credit college classes at Lone Star College while still in high school.

Real-world preparatory

From working in a garden to completing an internship, Grove graduates will be ready for life. An emphasis on creativity and choice ensures students will have the 21st-century skills to take on jobs that do not yet exist.

Community focused

It takes a village to raise a child, so at The Grove, we're all in this together. When bonds are formed between students, parents and teachers, we believe the sky is the limit.

Relationship based 

When students form close bonds with their teachers, they’ll go the extra mile to succeed in class. When students deal with stress or illness, their academics suffer. We're here to support them through their ups and downs.


We are moms and dads, sports fanatics, music lovers, sisters, brothers and friends. In other words, we're real people. You won't get a lot of “education 

speak” from us. Instead, you'll get honesty about your child's strengths and areas for growth.

Intrinsically Motivated

Students can and should find value in the work itself. They should be proud of their efforts, not for the praise or the grade that accompanies it, but rather for setting out to accomplish a goal and achieving it.


We are always examining our curriculum to ensure it meets our students' needs. If changes are made, they are incorporated slowly, thoughtfully, and carefully to cause minimal disruption for the student.


Teachers aren’t the focus of our classrooms. Students have ample opportunities for choice in their assignments. Lessons are usually short and allow the student explore the topic in greater detail through project-based learning and independent study.

Holistically focused

We care about students far more than their final grade. While our students will be challenged academically, they will also be challenged to be good friends, community members and citizens.

What We're Not

One size fits all/"cookie-cutter"

Our dynamic curriculum is tailored to each student. Modifications and adjustments are made to ensure the success of all students.

Grade focused

While great grades are necessary for college admissions, they’re certainly not our emphasis. Students will have countless ways to demonstrate their understanding through individual projects, portfolios and presentations.


We believe exams are just one measure of student achievement. IB and AP classes place significant emphasis on end of year exams to earn three college credits. Through our dual credit agreement with Lone Star College our students will earn three credits in actual college courses each semester.

All things to all people

We know who we are and want to engage families that are excited about this education style. We’re not a “prep school” or a traditional public school. We won't pretend we're something we're not. Sometimes learning is loud and exciting.  If you're looking for silent classrooms with little movement, you won't find them here. 

Competition focused

The only people we want our students competing with is themselves. Thus, you won't find any class ranking or valedictorian at The Grove. Each student has their own strengths and areas for growth.


We expect students to abide by policies and procedures based on mutual respect, but we also know that people make mistakes. We focus on natural consequences tied directly to the behavior. Students shouldn't be afraid of their teachers or administrators.

Focused on extrinsic rewards

While everyone loves a “gold star,” you won’t typically find them at The Grove. When students are given rewards for their work, they tend to focus on the reward instead of the intrinsic value of the activity.

A daycare

While The Grove offers programming for students as young as 18 months, we are a private school. We follow the CISD academic calendar, hire highly qualified teachers, and maintain low student to teacher ratios. 

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