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Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

  • Experiences as a Montessori Toddler assistant

  • Experience as a professional nanny

I was born in Tampa, Florida but have called Texas my home for almost all my life. I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas before moving to the Houston area in 2019. I typically spend most of my free time outside playing with my two dogs, curled up with a good book, or watching documentaries. 


Growing up, my mother ran an in-home daycare, which I believed sparked my initial interest in education and childcare.  I have so many fond memories of helping her out whenever I could: doing arts and crafts with the kids, reading books with them, showing them how to tie their shoes, etc. As my siblings and I got older, she returned to the classroom, and I felt my interest in the field of education grow as I watched her gather materials and put together work for her students. I excitedly began my Montessori journey in 2017 when I joined my mother as her assistant teacher. I have since worked as a private nanny for years but ultimately felt like it was my calling to work in the school environment. Being able to witness and take part in the growth and joy of so many children is a truly incredible experience and a huge honor.  The Grove is an exceptional school that fosters so much love and light, and I am so lucky to be a part of the team hear. 

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